These Shoemakers have been running their business since 1825, and their story began almost 200 years ago when Cyrus and James Clark used leftover sheepskin to create a slipper. It was revolutionary at the time, a marriage of invention and craftsmanship that has remained at the core of what we do. And while each pair of our shoes now, as always, starts with a last carved by hand from a single block of hornbeam, modern materials, advanced construction methods, and technologies enable us to produce perfection that is especially suited for the modern world. 

Clarks Shoes Collection for Women

Clarks have a huge shoe collection, one of the best shoe designs with comfort valley, and one of the best collections of women we highlighted in the list below. You can easily select your faves shoes as per your choice at a very affordable price. Shop the best shoe range at Clarks.

The Best Womens Dress Shoes

Shop for women`s classic formal shoes; our comfortable women`s dress shoes come in flats and heels, making them ideal for the office and the weekend. Choose from incredibly versatile neutrals or prints to add a splash of color and make a statement. Please browse our selection of women`s flat and heeled dress shoes made of leather, suede, and nubuck.

Three Types of Womens Dresses Shoes

There are three types of Womens Dresses Shoes

  1. Elegant Womens Flats 

  2. Best Womens Heels 

  3. Amazing Womens Loafers 

Elegant Womens Flats

Some women don’t like shoe volumes; Women`s flats from Clarks have plenty of volumes. Our selection of women`s flat shoes features traditional ballet flats that can be paired with anything and styles with oversized fringe and seasonal colors. Find women`s flat shoes in various colors, from soft pinks and baby blues to women’s brown flats in black, and they`re ideal for any occasion.

Best Womens Heels

Heels look super cool, and most Women love to wear heels on their occasions. These are super stylish, cool and comfortable to wear. Select the elegance embodied in our collection of women’s heels. These heels are available for women in any color; you can choose your favorite color per your dress theme. Our high heel helps you to look your best on nights out and other occasions. In comparison, our high heels collection is ideal for everyday wear. Shop the best women’s heels today. 

Amazing Womens Loafers

There is one of the best collections in the Women`s shoe collection. Women`s loafers and slip-ons from our collection come in flat and stylishly heeled styles. Learn about the materials used to create women`s styles, such as chunky and penny loafers, and their distinctive trimmings and accents. Tassel loafers are a fun way to update your wardrobe, and our women`s leather and suede loafers are a popular choice. Browse your favorite Loafers at 

Bottom Line

Clarks is one of the best shoe stores that provide a wide range of men, women and kids` shoes. All these collections are super cool by looking comfortable to wear. Feel all the ultimate freedom this season with our best and newest, most innovative shoe collection includes sneakers yet.