Xcaret is a Mexican theme park and eco-archaeological park. It is located in the Riviera Maya southeast of Cancun, Mexico. It offers a range of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, climbing, zip lining, and wildlife watching. It is considered one of Mexico`s most popular and influential tourist attractions.

Xcaret Park was founded in 1990 by Grupo Xcaret, a company headed by the Escalante Brothers. It has since become one of the most popular destinations in Mexico and a significant tourist attraction.

Xcaret Park offers a variety of activities, such as snorkeling and swimming in underground rivers, animal and bird encounters, cultural experiences, and unforgettable night shows. You can also enjoy relaxing strolls, and bike rides through the tropical jungle, and more. 

Xcaret Admission

You can purchase Xcaret admission for anyone ages 3 and up. Children ages 0-2 are welcome to enter for free. Are you falling in love with Mexico in more than 50 attractions located near the Caribbean Sea, underground rivers, and jungle? Enjoy the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show, traditional Mexican dances, and Pre-Hispanic archaeological relics.

How to Get to Xcaret?

Xcaret is located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The closest airport is the Cancun International Airport. From there, you can take a bus or taxi to Xcaret. You can also arrange a private transfer with companies like Xplore Maya.

Attractions of ADRENALINA Xcaret

ADRENALINA Xcaret is a unique interactive experience park that features thrilling adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities. Some attractions include zip lines, rappel slides, amphibious vehicle tours, and swimming with dolphins. Mayan rituals, cultural experiences, and water sports include snorkeling and kayaking.

Gastronomy of Xcaret

ADRENALINA Xcaret offers various gastronomic experiences, from traditional Mexican dishes to a broad international cuisine. You can enjoy delicious dishes in their restaurants and participate in interactive cooking classes or wine tastings. You can also find vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

Facilities and Services of Xcaret Park 

Xcaret Park offers various services and facilities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. The park features changing rooms, first aid stations, lockers, restrooms, souvenir shops, pharmacies, ATMs, hotels, and more. The park also offers VIP packages with exclusive benefits, including express access, exclusive areas, and personalized service. 

Xcaret México Espectacular Show

Xcaret México Espectacular Show is a musical and theatrical show celebrating Mexican culture`s rich culture and heritage. It occurs in Mexico`s beautiful eco-theme park, Xcaret, in the Riviera Maya. It features live singing, dancing, and traditional music surrounded by amazing natural wonders. Audiences can also participate in an interactive experience with vibrant lights and colors.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line of Xcaret is that it is an eco-theme park in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, where visitors can experience a unique and vibrant cultural and musical show surrounded by exceptional natural wonders and participate in an interactive experience with dynamic lights and colors.